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Reusing Tool "TATAMI PIN"



Tatami pin, one of the symbolic tools of tatami craftsmen. The real thing is very robust, the head part is solid brass and the needle part is octagonal pyramidal stainless steel. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel its heavy weight in size.

Tatami is a culture unique to Japan, so naturally the tools used are also unique to Japan. Unfortunately, the number of tatami craftsmen in Japan is decreasing, and it seems that the tools that have finished their duties are either discarded or brought to a used tool store.

At first glance, I fell in love with this tatami mat pin, which is like a simple, practically beautiful piece, and I wondered if I could reuse it for something.

By using the pin like a lock, it has a role as a bag lock function. The material used for the body is leather made from domestic vegetable tannins. Designed with the simple and sharp edges in mind, the main protagonist is the front tatami pin.


●About Reusing Tool Series

Tools that endure abusive use in various environments, finish their roles, and sleep quietly. Its appearance is scratched, faded, and some of them do not retain the prototype. Nevertheless, the profound atmosphere that wears over time has the charm of being hard to describe. It is a series based on the concept of collecting those tools and using them again as materials for bags.


    Material used: Domestic Cow Leather


    Size size:

    W365 H260 D10mm

  • About products with the AGED mark

    Those with the AGED mark are subject to aging of the leather part of the product. The reason is that this brand is opened in outdoor events, etc., so products may be exposed to sunlight, and there is one aspect that keeps inventory as much as possible, so sell items in order from the store. This is because Aged deterioration is a characteristic of natural tannin leather, and the more it is used, the deeper the color and the glossy look. Please consider purchasing after understanding this characteristic. If you are interested, we will show you more detailed pictures, so please contact us from the mail form.

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